The made-to-measure weighing and flavouring system

Flavour and electrostatic application specialist Spice Application Systems (SAS) has developed a new system which gauges exactly the right amount of powder each individual product needs to coat it for optimum taste.

Installing the new Loss and Weight System onto a production line means every item is now weighed before it reaches the flavouring drum, with instructions automatically sent to the screw feeder to increase or decrease the amount of flavouring or seasoning required.

SAS founder Peter King says the system is a “game changer” in helping food processors to cut powder costs.

“Every manufacturer wants optimum product quality at the right price,” he said. “This new system delivers both, giving the user much greater control in terms of how much powder or seasoning they want to apply.

“Each product – for example a potato chip or a piece of confectionery – is weighed as it travels along the non-stick belt into our drum and the amount of flavouring is automatically adjusted, giving processors the confidence that they don’t have to worry if too much or too little is being used.”

SAS is already well-known for pioneering the use of electrostatics within the food processing industry and at its trials laboratory in Oxfordshire it regularly works with top manufacturers to carry out tests and new product development.

King says the facility enables his team to share its extensive knowledge of electrostatics with customers and, because almost all of its equipment is designed and manufactured in the UK, designs can be customised to meet different demands.