Taste tests boom as manufacturers seek new high-end flavours

From gourmet popcorn to exotically flavoured crisps; with staying in now the new going out, many more consumers are spending their money on high-end treats instead of splashing out on cinema tickets, fancy meals and concerts.

Spice Application Systems has been busy helping food producers meet that demand at its new trials facility, enabling them to test new flavours and harness the cost-saving benefits of electrostatics.

SAS founder, Peter King, says: “The search is well and truly on for the next big flavours to tempt the lockdown tastebuds and our Oxfordshire laboratory is the perfect place to carry out that essential work in total confidence.

“We’re already working with a number of manufacturers who have been trying out new flavour combinations and they are seeing some amazing results. Not only do products taste better because using electrostatics means the flavouring is more targeted, but with average powder savings of up to 20%, they are achieving major financial savings too.”

The secret to electrostatics is its ability to precisely target spices, oils and flavouring onto a range of foodstuffs – including all shapes, sizes and styles of baked and extruded snacks, as well as popcorn, rice cakes, crisps and biscuits.

It works by fitting an electrostatic spray head onto production line processing equipment. This creates an electrostatic charge which is sprayed onto the oil or powder and, as it becomes negatively charged, it then wraps itself around the base product.

Key benefits include:

  • 98% wraparound coverage guaranteed
  • Dramatic reduction in powder wastage
  • Pinpoint accuracy of quantities used
  • Major cost savings due to less wastage
  • Better tasting product
  • Easy to change between flavours
  • Less dust in the air creates a cleaner working environment
  • Increased efficiency as equipment is easier to clean