Talk to the experts in electrostatics

Visitors to Gulfood will be able to talk to one of the world’s leading experts in the use of electrostatics to apply powders and flavours to a wide range of food products.

Peter King, managing director of Spice Application Systems (SAS), based in Oxfordshire, England, will be on hand to discuss the latest developments and explain how this unique system can deliver major savings in cost, efficiency and improved product quality.

SAS’s production process allows powders and flavourings to be electrostatically applied to anything from snacks to cereals; dry pet food to fresh meats; confectionery, and frozen foods.

With 100% accuracy of powder quantities, the system dramatically reduces powder wastage and, with today’s emphasis on reduced levels of fats and oils, it enables production managers to have pinpoint accuracy on the amounts they use at any one time.

SAS’s equipment includes Cloud Cover, a unit developed for snack manufacturers to improve the coating process for snack lines, including crisps, peanuts and pasta shapes.  It cleverly turns snacks over as they travel along a vibratory tray and through an electrostatically charged covered chamber, where the flavours are electrostatically applied, ensuring all sides are equally coated with the correct amount of powder.

Peter King will also be talking about a method he has developed using the  Wire Belt System, which will be on the stand alongside him, for the meat, bakery, confectionery and frozen food sectors.

This process involves the base product passing along a moving wire chain link belt into an electrostatically charged covered chamber, where powders are sprayed up through the belt from a tray underneath.  As the powder becomes electrostatically charged, it sticks automatically to all sides of the product, while any excess powders are retained by the tray below.

Peter King, said:  “Electrostatics can deliver huge benefits and cost savings for manufacturers and offers a much cleaner and more energy efficient working environment.  We’re seeing many more companies beginning to understand the advantages that can be achieved on their bottom line and in terms of improved product consistency and look forward to meeting many more at Gulfood.”

Spice Application Systems will be on the Wire Belt Company Stand: Number S1-D8, Sheikh Saeed Hall.