Simple spray head system cuts powder leakage

A simple retrofit electrostatic spray head can save cheese manufacturers thousands of pounds by dramatically cutting powder leakage on cheese processing lines.

Oxfordshire-based Spice Application Systems (SAS) says its latest low cost SAS 1 E model is so successful because it fits straight into an existing drum.

Managing director Peter King said: “Traditionally, huge amounts of powder are left behind as the cheese enters the drum for tumbling and mixing.

“We’ve been working hard to cut down the powder wastage in the atmosphere during that process. By retrofitting our electrostatic spray head straight into the drum, the cheese and the powder stays in one place and the full benefits of the electrostatic process can be applied without any going to waste.

“We’ve already been testing this system with some of the big names in cheese and dairy processing and the results are superb. Manufacturers like it because they can see immediate benefits for powder savings, and because it’s a retrofit system, they can keep existing equipment in place without the need for costly new investment.”

The problem of starch powder dust is a major one for the cheese industry and reducing wastage not only saves money, but also creates a much more efficient working environment with less downtime required for cleaning.

It also means that, because the grated cheese is coated more effectively, there are less problems with the cheese sticking to packing and processing equipment, which can lead to expensive production line shut-downs.

Electrostatics are already widely used in other food manufacturing sectors, including snacks, confectionery, cereals and frozen foods.

It is especially suitable for sliced and grated cheeses, sold both in packets and for application on tabletop favourites such as pizzas and cheesy breads.