SAS goes Low Fat at Anuga FoodTec 2015

Cologne, Germany March 24-27
Hall: 4.2 Stand: C014

anuga-logoSpice Application Systems (SAS) will be exhibiting its latest innovative equipment for adding fabulous flavours to low fat snacks at the Anuga FoodTec exhibition in Cologne from March 24-27.

It will be showcasing its new range of finer electrostatic spray heads, developed in in response to increased demand for dried snacks such as popcorn and popchips, which are now seen as a healthier alternative to more traditional snacks.

Managing director Peter King says the new development is designed to ensure flavour isn’t compromised at the expense of applying less fat and oil.

“These are where electrostatics comes into its own,” he said. “We’re now being asked to apply around 8% of flavouring and powders using as little as 1-2% of oil, which is a lot healthier than previously, when we would have applied up to 10% of oil.

“When you’re using much smaller amounts, the accuracy of application is key, because unless the powder sticks ‘all round’ you’re going to lose flavour, and that’s when customers start to complain.

“By fitting these finer spray nozzles, we’re able to maximise all-round powder application without compromising on flavour. It’s a totally smooth application, without any lumps or clumps where powder falls off, and the added benefit is that powder wastage is kept to a minimum.”

Recognised as an innovator and pioneer in the electrostatic marketplace, SAS specialises in using electrostatic technology to apply flavourings, coatings, powders, additives, vitamins, spices and oils to a wide range of foods, including snacks, breakfast cereals, frozen vegetables, confectionery and dry pet food.

With a worldwide network and support system of engineers, SAS works with food manufacturers around the globe and King says Anuga FoodTec is the ideal opportunity to meet both existing customers and potential new ones.

Electrostatics works by applying a static charge to the powder, oil or slurry as it is being sprayed onto the base product, such as snacks, chewing gum or nuts. As the flavourings and coatings become ‘negatively’ charged, they adhere automatically to the ‘positive’ base product, creating a true wraparound effect.

Thanks to the precise nature of the powder application, the equipment can dramatically reduce wastage, increase efficiency and improve production times by reducing the amount of time required for cleaning, as well as delivering a much better quality product.

Recognised as a leading global trade fair, Anuga FoodTec is the only one of its kind to cover all aspects of food production, including machines and systems, packaging material and analytics, ingredients and services.

For more information on the show, visit and to book an appointment with Peter King email

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