food-coating wire belt conveyor

Wirebelt 1WB

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Unique Design Cuts Powder Wastage

This unique system utilises a moving wire chain belt designed specifically for SAS to transport products through the oil and flavouring application system. Constructed from stainless steel belts and support frames, fitted with food grade guides and IP66 drive motor and controller, to ensure suitability for wash down environments in the food industry.
Oil and/or Powder can be applied in separate top chambers, and where suitable in conjunction with our patented SAS electrostatic process. Any excess materials are collected in the lower trays allowing for easy cleaning and reclaim is desired.

Typical uses
Applications of Oil, Powder flavourings onto confectionary, rice cakes, snacks, fish and meat.

Benefits to user
Ease of cleaning and maintenance. Simple construction.
Improved oil and powder application efficiency,
Less wastage, no cross contamination and cleaner working environment.