Electrostatic field generator head

Contamination Control – Flat Bed System

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Cleaner Working Conditions

One of the major benefits of electrostatics is its ability to dramatically reduce powder and oil mist. Because all the particles and powders are electrostatically charged, they adhere automatically to the base product being coated instead of being released into the atmosphere.

This increases energy efficiency, reduces equipment contamination, speeds up the cleaning process and, most importantly, ensures a much cleaner and dust-free working environment for employees.

The Contamination Control System can be retrofitted onto existing equipment.

Typical uses: Application of starch powders onto cheese products and/or powders onto confectionery.

SAS’s 1E/2E Generator Head Applicator creates an electrostatic charge which is applied to flavourings inside the coating chamber. As the flavourings become ‘negatively’ charged, they adhere automatically to the ‘positive’ base product, creating a true wraparound effect.

This also ensures minimum powder wastage and cuts the amount of dust or mist in the air, providing a cleaner working environment.

This can be supplied as a single applicator (1E) or a twin applicator (2E), depending on customer requirements.