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Flat Bed Flavouring System

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SAS manufactures a range of Flat Bed Systems suitable for a variety of application requirements, ensuring uniform coatings of oil and powder can be applied to a wide variety of food products.

Its Powder Application System utilises the power of electrostatics to optimise the flavouring process, ensuring maximum coverage and minimising wastage.

Alternatively, powder customers also have the option of a non-electrostatic system – SAS’s Scarf Feeder Applicator.

Where oils need to be applied, SAS’s Oil Application System offers a choice of spinning disc technology or air atomisation, depending on which best suits the materials and production conditions.

A further option is the Shaker Bed System, which is commonly used for the application of flavourings onto a wide range of nuts.


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Product Conveying Equipment

Spice Application Systems also sell a range of Raw Product Feed equipment to compliment our range of other equipment. Our unique patented Flavouring Drums are available in a number of sizes to fit all drum applications and food products. The SAS range of conveying and raw product moving machinery also includes Infeed Trays, Wirebelts and Loss In Weight Infeed Conveyors.

All meet the very highest design and industry standards.

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