Powder application for food industry

Powder Application – Drum System

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Consistent, High Quality Powder Application

SAS’s Drum Flavouring Systems utilise the power of electrostatics to deliver optimum flavour coverage onto a wide range of products. The drum’s unique purpose-built flights are designed to minimise breakage of fragile materials, such as baked pasta snacks, while maximising powder delivery.

Where an alternative to electrostatics is required, SAS offers the option of a Scarf Feeder Applicator.

The powder applicators combine with SAS’s Twin Screw Feeder Units to ensure accurate control of powder delivery rates and, together with the flavouring drums and Infeed Vibratory Tray Assemblies, provide customers with a quality in-line process for all food flavour applications.

Customers have the choice of buying a complete system or individual component parts for retrofitting onto existing systems.

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Product Conveying Equipment

Spice Application Systems also sell a range of Raw Product Feed equipment to compliment our range of other equipment. Our unique patented Flavouring Drums are available in a number of sizes to fit all drum applications and food products. The SAS range of conveying and raw product moving machinery also includes Infeed Trays, Wirebelts and Loss In Weight Infeed Conveyors.

All meet the very highest design and industry standards.

Drum and infeed conveyor