Oil application for food production

Oil Application – Drum System

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Quality, In-line Oil Application

SAS’s Oil Application System provides customers with a quality in-line process for food flavour applications.

Using electrostatic technology to charge the coating material, the oil is atomised into fine droplets to ensure maximum control throughout the application process, while also keeping wastage to an absolute minimum.

The system combines a positive displacement Oil Pump Unit to ensure accuracy of oil delivery rates, together with Oil Supply Tanks, Flavouring Drums and Infeed Vibratory Tray Assemblies.

Customers have the choice of buying a complete system or individual component parts for retrofitting onto existing systems.


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SAS equipment in action

Our Electrostatic equipment can be retro fitted to existing machinery or fitted to our own complete drum system. This movie demonstrates our market-leading equipment consistently applying  cheese powder to popcorn.