Sales success prompts expansion plan

A major increase in the take-up of electrostatics by the food manufacturing sector has sparked expansion plans for Oxfordshire-based Spice Application Systems (SAS).

The company, which uses the latest electrostatic technology to apply flavourings and coatings to a wide range of foodstuffs, has just relocated to larger new premises and launched a dedicated demonstration area, aimed primarily at overseas customers.

Peter King, managing director, said: “This is an extremely exciting and busy time for us. The ability of electrostatics to deliver real energy efficiency has hit a chord with food manufacturers as they realise they can save money and time as well as improving product quality.

“This move enables us to have all our manufacturing, sales, workshop and storage areas under one roof and have a demonstration area for visitors, which is especially important for those who come from overseas and want to see the equipment in action before they invest.”

The new 2,500 sq ft offices at Didcot will also incorporate a laboratory and test facility, enabling firms to undertake confidential research and development work on new product lines.

The overseas market has been particularly keen to pursue electrostatics, with major orders recently received from snack manufacturers throughout Europe, including new customers in Scandinavia and Germany, and the cereal market in New Zealand.

SAS moved to in-house manufacturing last summer, giving it much greater control over its technology, manufacturing processes and product quality. In the last six months, the business has grown by over 25%, which has prompted the move to a larger base and King believes sales will become stronger still as the year progresses.

Suitable for applying flavourings and coatings to anything from snacks to cereals, frozen food to confectionery, meat to pet food, electrostatics can deliver real money saving advantages.

These include 100% control of powder usage and hugely reduced powder wastage, greater energy efficiency and less production line downtime, as well as major improvements in product consistency and quality.

In addition, a key advantage of SAS’s electrostatic equipment is that it can either be purchased as a complete unit or retrofitted onto existing production lines to increase efficiency and improve product quality.

The location of the new offices provides easy access to the motorway and rail networks as well as London’s Heathrow Airport.