Potato chips – crisps

Potato chips flavour using electrostatic systempotato chips - crispsElectrostatics has revolutionised the application of flavours for the snack industry. It is especially suitable for a wide range of crisps. Using electrostatics improves consistency and dramatically cuts powder wastage. To discover the best equipment for your choice of crisp, see below or call us on +44 (0)1865 747634.


Model Type: SAS 1 DV
This model is designed to atomise dry spices and create an electrostatic charge on the powder as it leaves a vibratory tray, which is angled and pointing onto the products to be coated.

Typical Uses
powder on crisps and potato chips.

Benefits to user
Up to 98% coating of all products, greatly improved coating over traditional methods, less powder usage, cut down of dusting, cleaner working area, cleaner drum, less line contamination.