Picky pets boost orders for flavours

A boom in different flavours for dry pet foods is boosting customer orders for Spice Application Systems (SAS).

The Oxfordshire-based company has seen a significant increase in orders from dry pet food manufacturers who want to offer customers an even greater range of flavours for their pampered pets.

Fish, beef, rabbit and chicken top the list of flavourings, while trials are ongoing to find more new flavour combinations.

SAS managing director Peter King says: “More and more dog and cat owners are moving over to dry pet foods as an alternative to tinned meats, and they want to make sure their pets still have a range of flavours to choose from.

“We’re experiencing a big upturn in orders for our electrostatic equipment, which adds powder enhancers, liquids and flavours onto kibbles and other dry pet foods. At the same time, pet food manufacturers are recognising the benefits of electrostatics, which deliver major savings because our system cuts powder wastage and delivers a much cleaner working environment.”

Electrostatics works by applying a static charge to the powder or liquid as it is sprayed onto the base product, such as kibbles. As the flavourings and coatings become negatively charged, they stick automatically to the base product, creating a true wraparound effect which offers much greater flavouring consistency.

Improved accuracy and coating means there is much less wastage and reduced dust in the air means less downtime for equipment cleaning, increased energy efficiency and easier flavour changes.

SAS’s equipment can be supplied in complete units or retrofitted onto production lines, making it a cost effective option for manufacturers. It is already used to apply flavourings to a wide range of other foodstuffs, including snacks, baked products, confectionery, meat and dairy products.