Traditional tablet-making methods rely on a gradual build-up of powder applied to the tablet with a gluing agent. Electrostatic techniques enable the tablet to form in seconds, vastly speeding up the process, saving costs and ensuring a totally smooth coating. SAS has already successfully installed its equipment at a number of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. To discover the best equipment for your pharmaceutical products, see below or call us on +44 (0)1865 747634.

Model Type: SAS 1 O
This model is designed to atomise oil. The electrostatic spray head is attached to the dispensing tube that atomises and creates an electrostatic charge on the oil. The spray head is angled to point to the product to be coated.

Typical Uses
Oil/liquids onto pharmaceutical products.

Benefits to user
98% coating of all products, less oil usage, cut down of misting, cleaner working area, less line contamination, greatly improved quality.

Model Type: SAS 1 C
This model is designed to atomise dry spices and create an electrostatic charge on the powder as it leaves a dry powder spray nozzle. The powder is collected in a cone from a screw feeder and is transferred to the electrostatic spray nozzle through a venturi and blown through a powder tube.

Typical Uses
Drops powder onto tablets.

Benefits to user
Up to 98% coating of all products, greatly improved coating over traditional methods, less powder usage, cleaner drum, less line contamination, and shorter production time.