Major boost for electrostatics at Snackex

Immediate bookings for trials and a bulging enquiry book marked the end of a highly-successful trip to Snackex 2011 for Spice Application Systems (SAS).

As manufacturers look for more ways to save money and improve product quality, electrostatics is increasingly becoming the most sought-after technology thanks to its ability to offer true “wraparound” powder application and flavouring.

Leading the field in electrostatics is Oxfordshire-based SAS, which has its units installed on more than 700 snack production lines around the world.

Managing director Peter King said: “This year’s show was tremendously successful for us. Our technology generated an especially big response among nut production manufacturers who are continually looking for new ways to reduce wastage but ensure product quality is optimised.

“Electrostatics is ideal for the application of powders and flavours to a wide range of nuts, including peanuts, cashews and macadamias and we can offer both powder and liquid applications, which makes it a flexible and affordable option.”

In addition, SAS’s highly-developed processes and technology are especially suited to the snack industry’s increasingly complicated shapes where consistent flavour application can be hard to achieve.

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