Food Coating Drum System

Spice Application Systems complete electrostatic drum flavouring systemSpice Application Systems have designed and engineered a range of complimentary products which work together to create a complete flavouring system. The system works with our market leading electrostatic food coating equipment and comprises a Screw Feeder, Oil Spray System, In-feed Tray and Cylindrical Drum. All are engineered to our highest standards, using only fully approved food grade (316 stainless steel) materials and components.

We offer a comprehensive full before and after sales service. All equipment is available for trial, rental, lease or purchase and we are happy to provide an economic price structure after consultation.

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Food coating drum. Electrostatic food coatingDrum

The complete details can be seen here
• Stainless steel 316/304
• Electronic drive motor
• On castors
• Adjustable drum speed
• Adjustable drum angle
• Sizes from 1mtr-2.5mtr/diam 0.4mtr-1mtr

Spice Application Systems screw feederScrew Feeder

• Twin screw
• 0.5kg-65kg
• Remote controls
• Stainless steel 316/304
• Designed to complement the SAS drum

(note: stand and control panel sold separately)

Spice Application Systems oil spray systemOil Spray System

• 25ltr-100ltr hopper
• Compressed air flow system
• Feeds up to four spray heads
• On castors
• Electronic pump
• Stainless steel 316/304
• Designed to fit the SAS drum


Spice Application Systems feeder trayIn-Feed Tray

• 0.75mtr-3mtr x 450mm
• Adjustable height
• Adjustable speed
• Stainless steel 316/304

(note: stand and control panel sold separately)