Flavour to savour – visit Spice Application Systems at Snackex June 13-14

Visit Spice Application Systems (SAS) at Snackex 2011 on stand 407, where managing director Peter King will be talking about the benefits of electrostatics to apply flavours to a wide range of snacks.

SAS’s highly-developed processes and technology are especially suited to the snack industry’s increasingly complicated shapes and, thanks to the way electrostatics works, it provides real wraparound coverage for flavourings and coatings.

The result is less powder wastage and increased cost savings, less downtime of machinery for cleaning and a much better product for customers to enjoy.

Snackex 2011 takes place in Barcelona, Spain on June 13-14. To find out more about the show visit www.snackex.com. To find out more about SAS, see www.spiceapplications.com.