Bumper Interpack for electrostatics experts

New flavour application techniques and the launch of a lightweight drum proved a winning combination for Spice Application Systems at Interpack 2011.

The Dusseldorf show attracted buyers from around the world and saw managing director Peter King walk away with a large number of enquiries, declaring: “It was our best show ever.”

The Oxfordshire-based firm unveiled a new spice coating conveying system for rice cakes, biscuits and similar products. Ideal for adding either sweet or savoury flavours, the wire belt conveying system allows powders and oils to be sprayed from both above and below the product, ensuring maximum coverage and minimum wastage.

Also attracting a great deal of attention was a new, smaller stainless steel drum, specially designed to fit on head before the packer.

“The drum was especially well received, we had it running on the stand so people could see how it worked,” said King. “They loved the fact it is so lightweight and portable, which also makes it ideal for conducting smaller scale flavour trials, either on food manufacturing lines or in laboratories.”

In addition, there was keen interest from potential customers in the dairy processing industry who face the perennial problem of how to deal with dust from starch powders in cheese factories.

Using electrostatics, SAS is able to dramatically cut the amount of starch powder dust in the air on cheese processing lines, making for a much cleaner and more efficient working environment

The technique is particularly suitable for sliced and grated cheeses, sold both in packets and for application on tabletop favourites such as pizzas and cheesy breads.
With a strong reputation built up in over a decade’s track record in the industry, King is recognised as one of the leading experts in electrostatics and SAS’s equipment is now installed on more than 1,350 food production lines around the world.

“Manufacturers have realised that electrostatics not only does the flavour application job better than any other process in the marketplace, but it also delivers real bottom line cost savings because the amount of powder wastage is substantially reduced and downtime for cleaning is minimal,” he concluded.

“The amount of interest we received at Interpack shows that electrostatics is going from strength-to-strength.”

On the stand, visitors were also able to view a series of DVDs showing SAS’s equipment in action, allowing stand visitors to see how electrostatics delivers the dual benefits of less powder wastage and superior product coating.

In June, SAS will be attending Snackex 2011 in Barcelona, Spain on June 13-14.

For more information, visit www.spiceapplications.com.