Applying the science of electrostatics to food and pharmaceuticals

  • Quick return on investment
  • 100% control of powder usage
  • dramatic reduction in powder usage
  • high energy efficiency
  • improved product consistency
  • cleaner working environment
  • reliable proven technology

Spice Application Systems Ltd (SAS) specialises in using electrostatic technology to apply flavourings, coatings, powders, additives, vitamins, spices and oils to a wide range of food and pharmaceutical  products.

With access to electrostatic testing facilities in one of the UK’s leading universities, SAS’s equipment has already been installed by many of the world’s leading food processors across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

In today’s health conscious environment, where application levels for oils, fats and sugars need to be tightly controlled, the accuracy of SAS’s equipment enables you to see exactly how much is being applied at any one time. Suitable products include snacks, breakfast cereals, confectionery, meat, vegetables and pet food.

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To find out more about how SAS’s award-winning technology can help deliver these improvements in your business environment, email us or please read on.

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